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"We go the extra mile to source the best ingredients at the highest quality for your needs and supply chain. Promise!"

About Us

Agricultural Commodities Trading

Sugar, Grains, Edible Oils, Tropical Fruits, Organic and Conventional brokerage services.

International Sourcing and Procurement

Established leader of cost reduction and strategic sourcing services. We specialize in delivering customized project-based and complete sourcing solutions for clients of all sizes.  

Global Positioning

We are able to guarantee a stable inflow of production volumes. This origination capability is strengthened by the fact that Atlas Trade Solutions is geographically diversified.

What can we source for you?

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Our Range of Quality Products

Raw Brown Sugar (VHP)



Refined (ICUMSA 20, 45, 100)

Thailand, Brazil, EU origin

Thai Hom Mali (Jasmine)

Pathumthai (Fragrant)

Long Grain White 





Thailand, Vietnam, USA origin


Non-GMO Chemical free 



Hybrid Specific (based on customer specifications)


Non-GMO Chemical Free

Food-Grade Soybeans - tofu, miso, soysauce, soymilk

High Protein Soybeans


Brown Flax Seed

US #2 or better 

98% Purity or better


White Proso Millet

98% Purity or better

Green Peas & Yellow Peas

Whole; Dried

 U.S. / Canada #2 or better 

2% foreign material/other material  

5% crack seed coats 


Red and Green

Larid #2

Canada #2

Canola Seed

U.S. GMO / U.S. Non GMO


U.S. # 1 Chickpeas

58-60 grains per US Ounce ( 9 mm ) 

65-72 grains per US Ounce ( 8 mm ) 

Palm oil products: 

RBD Palm Olein 

RBD Packer’s Olein 

RBD Double Fractionated Palm Olein

RBD Palm Stearin 

All Purpose Shortenings 

Pure Vegetable Ghee 

Crude Palm Oil 

Crude Red Olein 

Soft oil products: 

RBD Soyabean Oil 

Pure Salad Oil 

RBD Canola Oil 

RBD Corn Oil 

RBD Sunflower Oil 

RBD Coconut Oil 

Pure Crude Coconut Oil 

Crude Degummed Soyabean Oil

Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Argentina origin

Product Specifications and Packing Available Upon Request

Availability Limited to Season

Thailand origin

Product Specifications and Packing Available Upon Request

Availability Limited to Season

Thailand origin

Organic and Conventional Options

 Atlas Trade Solutions is an international supplier company specialized in organic and conventional food ingredients such as rice, sugars, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, edible oils and super foods with multiple offices around the world. 


Please send us your specific requirements to receive a quotation.

Atlas Trade Solutions USA

18 Powder Valley Dr., Belleville, IL. 62223 USA                          

Atlas Trade Solutions Thailand

506/208 Baan Klang Muang, Soi Rojanamin, Prachaoutid Rd. Huay Kwang, Bangkok, TH. 10310


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

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